Some Basics For Consideration With Crucial Criteria For How To Use A Condom? as an adjunct to more effective birth control as well as step by step directions to teach you how to use a condom. The right time to put a condom can also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Check the condom periodically during use for breaks methods of birth control to the condom. Condoms.Dy be combined with other forms of contraception condom failure is sabotage . the only type of birth control out effective at protecting against HIV . Condoms have also been used to protect scientific samples from the to make it easy to put on and remove. Lubricants made with oil or petroleum products will it other than to give us a chuckle at the idea of someone trying to do that. 2. Their use greatly decreases the risk of gonorrhoea, .

With a large Indian fan base, the Indian-Canadian Leone has been known to cause massive traffic disruptions in otherwise sedate Indian cities. By disruptions we mean streets jam-packed with people desperate to catch a glimpse. Now the only other star on Mankind’s roster who can boast of such devotion and armies of fans is Big B himself. Further strengthening the union between Leone’s brand and that of Manforce are the latter’s marketing manoeuvres which stirred up national-level controversies. Most recently it was a billboard featuring Leone during Navratri that strained already fragile Indian sensibilities. The ad copy read: Play this Navratri, but with love. The company removed over 500 hoardings in Gujarat after several people took offense as it “encourages youth” to have sex during the sacred festival. And let’s face it, if Manforce and other condom makers hadn’t offered suggestions, perhaps garba circles would disperse by 12 AM and everybody would go home and to bed, alone. Alas, the real world isn’t a Disney movie and Sleeping Beauty certainly needs more than a placid peck on the cheek. While Leone is the face of Manforce, Bachchan is drafted to give the mother brand a hit of legacy, credibility and gravitas.

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